Enjoy 420 (cannabis) in Denver

The intended audience for this article are folks who have no idea about legal marijuana consumption, and would like to learn more before their visit to Colorado.

Marijuana is legal for recreational use in Denver and other cities (always check local laws).

Are you old enough?

Adults 21 or older can legally possess one ounce (28 grams) of marijuana or THC.  You must have a valid photo ID (driver’s license or passport). Dispensaries will only sell you 28 grams at a time, per day.  This may be a mix of “flower” (bud from plants) or edibles/

Know before you blow

Although you can legally purchase it, and you can legally have it, open consumption is not allowed.  You cannot walk down the street drinking a beer, same with a joint (or marijuana in general). There are only a small few of venues that allow inside consumption, so always ask first.

However, there are some private “clubs” where you can consume marijuana that you bring with you.  Most clubs only allow concentrates, and edibles, due to laws about open flames indoors. Do your research, before you visit a club.  Know what type of consumption they allow, as to avoid being disappointed when you get there.

But smoking weed in the park is so fun!! This can be frustrating for tourists. Again, treat it the same as alcohol.  Some things are just possible with discretion. Use your best judgement, and just know that if you are caught you will be paying a ticket.  Also, Ember has an awesome, iconic back patio that is 420 friendly.

How do I buy the stuff?

So you go into the dispensary, it’s your first time...it feels weird!  

You feel like you’re in on something...doing something wrong...but that is just not the case!  The “bud-tenders” are there for the sole purpose to inform you about their products. Don’t be afraid!  One of the things that Denver dispensaries work hard at is customer service - it’s one way they can stand out from the crowd! Tell them you are visiting from out of state, and you just want the run-down of things!

Tell me all the ways!!

Everyone has their own way that they prefer to consume marijuana.  Back to the alcohol comparison; some people like beer, some wine, some vodka, some jell-o shots!  There’s more than one way, experiment!

The first thing to know is about the strain types:

Indica - “Body high”, a more sedative relaxing high.  Also known as “in ‘da couch”, it’s perfect for chilling with a movie.

Sativa- “Head high”, invigorating, uplifting high.  It’s seen as an energizing strain. Good for a day at the zoo, or hiking in the mountains.

Hybrid- A mixture of Indica/Sativa.  Some strains lean more to one side, giving them more of the effects of either. This is a good place to start, if you are new to the game.

Start with these easy options:

“Pre-Roll” - a joint, already rolled for you!

The good old fashioned way!  Get a lighter...light her up!  Chances are you won’t want to finish it all at once.  Keep the container it comes in, and just save it for tomorrow!

Vaporizer - battery with a screw on concentrate cartridge

By far THE most recommended way for first timers.  Although there is not enough research about the long term effects of vaping, it is much safer than smoking (if you just plan to use it while you’re here).

Edibles - Cookies, brownies, drinks, candy, powder, the list goes on!

You can choose “micro-dose” edibles which start at 2.5 mg to 5 mg. Most edibles come in 10 mg. Please do not start by consuming 10 mg.  Start with 5mg or less.

START SLOW - Please do not start by consuming 10 mg.  Start with 5mg or less. Only. Eat. One. Time and time again we see people who think “It isn’t working! I better eat another”.  Do NOT do this. It will all hit you at once, and you will have a bad high. Don’t be that person.

Andy Ward