Things to do in Denver for under $10

A crisp Alexander Hamilton bill gets you all of this?? You don’t have to spend a lot in Denver to enjoy the best of the city. Check out our best suggestions for exploring Denver on the cheap.


Tour the Capitol - The capitol building is open to the public 7:30 am to 5 pm, weekdays. It is not open on the weekends or major holidays. Free tours are offered daily from 10 am to 3 pm.

Fun Tip: be sure to grab a selfie on the step that sits exactly one mile high, or 5280 feet. Throughout the city, you’ll see lots of references to the Mile High City or 5280.

The Colorado State Capitol welcomes about 300,000 visitors annually, with nearly 70,000 visitors taking tours of our beautiful and historic Statehouse.

The Capitol is only a 10 minute walk from Ember Hostel.


Skyline Park - From a world-class ice rink in the winter, to a beautiful outdoor beer garden in the summer, the park is nestled in the heart of downtown. The park offers a fun & comfortable environment with picnic tables, a family-friendly game area with Ping Pong, 9-Hole Miniature Golf Course, & Cornhole, as well as live music on Fridays & Saturdays. 

The three-block park, located along Arapahoe Street between 15th & 17th Streets, is easily accessed from the 16th Street Mall - another free option for exploring the city. The free mall bus ride takes you the 10 plus blocks along 16th Street through downtown Denver. The mall walk is littered with stores, restaurants & free standing pianos. It’s a bit touristy, but a great spot to people watch.


1-Up Arcade & Bar - Childhood fun in an adult setting, ie. pinball and whiskey. You can visit a 1-Up Arcade Bar on Colfax Street or in the Lower Downtown (LoDo) area. From Contra to Donkey Kong to a Wizard of Oz pinball game to Skee Ball to tournament style Pac Man on a gigantic screen - pick your faves!

Fun Tip: visit the LoDo location near Union Station. You can walk around the historic LoDo neighborhood & view the oldest brewery in Denver, Wynkoop Brewing Company, the infamous Tattered Cover Bookstore, Coors Field, home to Colorado Rockies, & walk down Milk Market alley for great art installation photos.


The International Church of Cannabis - is uniquely Denver. You can walk inside and enjoy the Church for free during tour hours: Friday, 1-3 pm and Saturday/Sunday, 12-5 pm. You cannot partake in cannabis in the church during these hours but the colorful murals certainly invoke a sense of euphoria.

The church of Elevationists are staking their claim to practice their religion via their constitutional right. Smoking the sacred flower is seen as an elevation in spirituality that is unique to each user.

Fun Tip: Hey when in Denver…find your way to a dispensary before you visit the Church.


Early Morning Movie at Alamo Drafthouse - who doesn’t like being served drinks while watching the newest release. Or maybe you are in to throwbacks, cult favorites, or childhood staples - Alamo has it all. Take advantage of their $5 early morning movie tickets, pair it with a $7 bottomless bowl of popcorn (okay that’s $12, but still cheap) and you’ve just started your sightseeing day off right!

The Drafthouse is also a cool place to hang out and enjoy their Barfly events like jazz, comedy and open mic. The drink specials are a delight, as well.

Fun Tip: take advantage of one of their movie parties, where you will be tactically submerged in the best of the movie - whether it be bubbles or singalongs, the movie parties are tons of fun!


Lakeside Rollercoaster - it’s the Cyclone and it’s made of wood. Are you nerves made of steel? Test it out on the Cyclone. The amusement park is also home to dozens of other thrill seeking rides, as well as your typical fair foods like funnel cakes and corn dogs. The Lakeside Amusement Park opened in 1908 & has watched as Denver grew up around it and the landscape of family fun changed. It’s a real throwback at Lakeside.

Gate entrance is $4 and rides are .50 cents and up.

Fun Tip: after you successfully conquer the Cyclone, take a short drive to Tennyson Street. Several blocks in this west Denver neighborhood are stacked with local shopping, food, beer, dessert & park side picnicking. Some people swear High Point Creamery has the best ice cream in Denver!


RiNo Art District - the neighborhood north of the river (aka RiNo), has been transformed from a dilapidated industrial area to an up & coming, fully gentrified, hot spot for travelers. In Denver style, the neighborhood is rich with local eateries & shopping. The big pull to the neighborhood is the insurgence of street art covering the once abandoned buildings. You can cruise the neighborhood, up & down Walnut & Larimer Street, for a cup full of beautiful murals.

Fun Tip: Stop for drinks. This area boasts more than a handful of local breweries. We recommend a stop at 10 Barrel Brewing for one of their infamous sours.


FREE DAYS: From art museums and manicured gardens to lions and tigers and dinosaurs, Denverites have a wide variety of fun at their fingertips. Every year, you can mark your calendars with the city’s best free days.

Andy Ward